Thursday, June 27, 2013

PNG Quilts Continued.

 The mixed block quilt tops are finished they are 36 inches square. They are about to have the red wool for the middle sandwich  (remember the roll I bought earlier in the year? I still have some of it left, a good thing I did not give it all away) and the waffle cotton on the back. It is a good thing I have just realised that I have pinned the backings the wrong way round before I started to sew or it will have the cotton on the inside and the red as the backing.
I have 2 more like this. It will have warmth without the weight.


  1. That's such a cute combination of colours. I think it's just the most beautiful thing that you are contributing towards. I'm so immensely proud to have such a generous and compassionate mother. Helping the some of the most vulnerable people in our global community. Wonderful work!

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