Monday, March 11, 2013

Fabric, Makes and Kitties.

 On Saturday a friend of mine gave me this wonderful fabric for the Dress a Girl Around the World Charity. Thank you so much, Wonderful.
 12 Laundry bags ready to be posted.
Meggie playing with fabric. One of her favourite things to do is play with the edges that I cut off the quilt covers I buy from the op shop. I have to watch that she does not get too tangled. The sound of fabric getting ripped does not faze her, She knows what the sound means, Play time!

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  1. Hi Sue
    Chrissy doesn't play with little bits of fabric, but she has decided she is Chief Quilt Tester. Any fabric stacked up that's big enough to sit on is obviously there for her approval. I'd guess that Meggie might be the same!