Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art Room Bags

 This is one of the 5 Art Room Fabric Storage Bags finished. All the bags have at least 2 different fabrics back and front. There is a plastic pocket which will have a picture of some of the contents, for example, Upholstery, this will include furnishing fabrics, curtaining and heavy weight fabrics.
 The back side of bag.
All the bags. Some will have fabrics like the 4 way stretch and shear fabrics and silks and satins. Another bag will have dressmaking and quilting weight fabrics mainly cotton and polycotton. Another bag will have the non fraying fabrics like polar fleece, felt and wool. All the
apart from the felt and the 4 way stretch fabrics which will be loose in the bag will be washed and ironed and will either be on flat cardboard (larger pieces) on a tube (thinner strips), all will have elastic of some sort around it to keep it nice and neat and a coloured label for the bag it belongs to and I am also going to measure each piece and that detail will be on the tag as well. I have my work cut out for me, It is a good job I love playing with fabric!

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