Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aussie Hero Laundry Bags.

 These are the Aussie Hero bags I have sewn up so far, Just waiting for the cord I won on ebay to arrive and they are ready to go. The Spiderman fabric was a cotton curtain remnant from Spotlight and I think everyone likes a superhero.
There was enough fabric to make 7 bags with, I like the fish prints too.


  1. Great looking bags Sue.

    A tip for the cord - instead cut 1.5" strips, sew however many you need together to get 52" length. top stitch the seams down for strength. Fold the long sides in to the centreand then fold again (like bias binding) and stitch down both long edges. Thread thru the casing with a saftey pin and tie the ends together - viola 1 cord using left over fabric. Not a purcahase in sight!

  2. Superheroes for our Aussie Heroes...well done Sue....they look great.