Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Library Chair Makeover.

All the characters I am putting on the chair is done. Added Hairy Maclary. Panda has his kite too.
At the top of the tree is a wool nest and fabric eggs. The fairies have been glued into place.
View from the back.
The other side. I went over all the drawings with a thicker texta. and added more colour.
Front view. I changed the seat to a bluey/green fur, for more pop.
The bottom of the tree has windows made of pearly shells, a face in the trunk, a frog and a lamp and finally a fairy door. All decorated with findings.


  1. Wow Sue, your chair is absolutely amazing, I can just imagine being a child, totally delighted with all the details you have added. I love the little door in the last photo!

  2. It looks fantastic you have done a wonderful job, I really wish I could see it in person. Well done xxx

  3. Oh my, how cool is that....wish they'd had one of those at the library I used to go to as a child.