Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wings Work in Progress

This is another idea I have been playing with, This is a shortened much smaller version of the final thing, which will be wings for a girl woodland fairy costume. In this much smaller version i have used florists wire. In the actual version i will be using recycled electrical wire in many different thicknesses. This is one wing.
The wires have been put into groups of 3 and the lengths have been staggered. I first taped each bundle separately then taped them all together.
Using whatever I have to make the ends curl, in this case, a lid of a glue pot, I then tape the circles around.
They are now beginning to look like seed pods. Using iron on interfacing One underneath and one on top,I enclosed a couple of beads to represent seeds. You can colour in the interfacing before hand if you wish to give it more pop.
I then have cut off the excess interfacing and you now have branches of honesty seeds which you can now bend the wires to whatever pleasing shape you like. I have only bent the bottom one for now. The ends of the wire has been curled and on the actual project they will have beads and the ends will be away from the girls back.

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