Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pink Flamingoes

Started a new project today, Large Pink Flamingos in 3 dimensional cardboard. I will be making 3 of them, going from left to right, we have 2 main body pieces, 2 inner body pieces minus beak, 3 inner but i think i might do 5 body pieces without neck and face and 2 wing pieces. They will be taped together leaving spaces with cardboard and double sided tape to help give it the 3D look. The legs will be dowels. They will be just slightly smaller than life sized for Renees classroom as they will be learning about Hawaii. The class will be decorating them to finish them off. This is the body for one, i will be doing this 2 more times. It is great to get back into creating again! My son Mark is providing me with the cardboard from work instead of the boxed getting crushed.
Hardest part of it for me is the posting of pictures, my camera screen is broken so i have to just shoot and hope i get a good picture, at least it still works!

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