Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charity Makes for 2011
I am getting myself ready for the K.Mart Wishing Tree 2011. Early I know, but i think Christmas all year round and every day. I want to get super organised this year. If you click on the pictures you will be magically transported to the places where i have obtained permission to use these wonderful designers patterns for my passion. The first picture is Kinder Girls. by Jodie Carleton.
This one is Kinder Boys. by Jodie Carleton.

This one is Ernst and Pebble. by Jodie Carleton.
Darling Daisy by Simone Gooding.
Riley Doll by Vicki Riley.
This is a free pattern on the Fairfield web site.

This is the Vicki Rileys blog.

My plans are to make 10 of each which will bring it up to 50 dolls, I plan to make 100 so if anyone has any pattern suggestions feel free to e-mail me,


  1. These are amazing, what generous ladies you all are with a gift of talent!! Merry Christmas with a full heart of joy to you Sue. Love Posie

  2. Oh, I love those dolls and how cute is that turtle?!! Those lucky kids will be so happy to receive such a lovely present. Thanks for sharing. Warmest wishes Monique

  3. has some fabulous patterns, I have the Jack Rabbit pattern, super easy. is her blog.

    I hope you have a fabulous Christmas Sue!