Sunday, November 28, 2010

Honey Bears and a Swap

3 bears finished, Originally i started out with 5 but two went home to a lovely neighbor, unfinished who wanted to finish them herself .
Showing off their hearts. These felt heart have been vliesofix over the turning slit and then decoratively sewn around. The ribbons have been sewn on and their nosed have been glued and sewn and the eyes are safety eyes.
This is where the Swap came in. My neighbor, stopped off to me before she went to Greensborough Savers to see if i wanted any of the bits she was going to donate. This is the yummy stuff i chose. I did not want to take them for nothing so i offered her a couple of bears out of the fabric she gave me but she wanted the ones i had started and she wanted them unfinished to give them her own look. She is then going to donate them to the K.Mart Wishing Tree herself! How good is that!


  1. Sue I love your little bears, so adorable!!

    Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you about the Pay it Forward....It would be lovely for you to join in :-)

    All you have to do now is email me your postal address and then do a post on your blog with the same info as mine and invite people to join your PIF with the same conditions. Post on blog, 365 days, first 3 replies etc...

    I will say that I wont be sending anything before christmas thought ;-)

    Thankyou for joining in with me, PS your Tilly is very similar to my Tulah!!

  2. gorgeous little bears!!!!
    thanks for stopping by

  3. You have a really great neighbour! Can I have her? lol.