Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Has anyone seen this cute little quilt? Kimberly is asking the quilting community to keep a look out for it. She displayed it at an open house and it never made it home with her. It is pictured above in her recent book, Jelly Roll Quilts and More. The really sad thing is that she sent it to her publisher when she was hurrying to make deadlines for the book, and never photographed it. The only record she has of the quilt is the photo in the book. It's a small quilt (22" x 22"). Keep your eyes peeled on ETSY and EBay. She just wants it back- no questions asked. Read more about it on Kimberly's blog.


  1. Oh how sad for Kimberly - what a rotten scoundrel who took it! I hope it finds its way home to her :(

  2. That is a terrible thing to do.... I hope it is found again..
    Cath Ü