Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Paper

Today i will be making paper, This is something i have not done for quite some time. Going from left to right we have, Christmas Bonbons, and gold ribbon that i will be shredding up into little golden strands. A4 coloured paper to act as base colours, recycled blanket and newspaper, some ready made potpourri, a deckle, a bucket, deep tray, a shredder and not in the picture is the paint stirrer and drill. (thanks Jodie for that tip!). Not included, is Tilli in tray,
For these test pages i will not be using seeds, i will be using chilli flakes. The reason is that i want to get the consistency right and the flakes will show up and i can see how they will be dispursed.
The actual paper for the wedding will be done by myself and my daughter when she comes down at the end of this month.

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