Friday, December 11, 2009

Daughters Visit

My daughter went home last night after a quick, mad, action packed, whirlwind 3 day visit.
Our plan was to go dress shopping and perhaps narrow down the search for the dress style she liked.
In this time we concentrated on the wedding.
Made the invitations, Looked at the glasses we had bought, Went to deliver the Softies For Mirabel and the first wedding dress store we went to and trying them on, was dress number 3. In her words, I LOVE IT!!!
So Dress Is Bought! The rest of That day was spent in a daze, after looking only for just under 1 hour, in a place we would not have been too if we did not drop off these toys we had found the perfect dress, She looks just stunning in it.
Yesterday we took her to see where we had booked her wedding to be, Wellers. As we were driving up the road, she started to realise she had been here before, This is the place where she and her partner first met his mum and they had dinner there. How spooky and wonderful is that!
Well I Did Good!! She Loves the place and more pictures were taken, the menu and wine list organised.
More on this another time.
My daughter went home last night, happy that so much had been achieved.


  1. How lovely Sue to have spent these tree days with your daughter organising all this great fun wedding stuff - the main part has been decided on tho, the dress!!! I remember going with my best friend and my mum, many years ago, wedding shopping and how excited I was - but it just all went too quick, a whirlwind of days, and now, here I am 12 years later :D - all those lovely memories!

  2. Hi Sue,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive time. How cool that the dress is organised and so quickly.