Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Aussie Hero Quilt Continued.

 This is the back in progress.
This is the front. I am not so worried about the back panels but I am making sure that the front ones are turned to give it more interest. All blocks have been quilted. Request is for vintage floral in orange and purple.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Next Aussie Hero Quilt Started.

 Today I went to Spotlight with my $5 off scratty card and my husbands $5 off scratchy. My next quilt request is for orange and purple vintage florals, Fabric on the left is for the back, $2 a metre and I bought 3 metres with my scratchy $1. the green is for the sashings and the floral on the right is for the front.
These were on the reduced section at 25c each. With my husbands scratchy they cost me nothing.

Laundry Bags.

 2 Aussie Hero bags made today. This request is for lion on black background and first name in orange. (Paper is on the name to protect recipient).
This one is for red, green, blue, RAAF Roundel. Blue, green is the inside.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Clutch Bag Reworked.

 Last night I made a bag to put down my ideas, this is the final clutch bag. The size is 6 inches by 10 inches. Laundry bag design on one side.
Quilt on the other.

Wristlet Bag.

I have just made myself a wristlet bag big enough to hold a mobile phone, raffle tickets, card and keys.in the style of a laundry bag but with a zipper on the side for opening. This is the same purple as my dress.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Aussie Hero Dinner Laundry bag.

Aussie Hero laundry bag to take to the Annual Aussie Heroes Dinner in Canberra.

Shopping Bargains.

 I thought I might like to share with you my bargain buys for Aussie Hero stuff, I am always on the lookout for things to use at a good price. Today I went to Lincraft to check out their half priced fabrics and came back with this instead, At the front of their store in the window they had a clearance of a 20c assrtment box, in it was a pair of shoelaces. I asked if they had any more and showed her what I used them for she told me that they had others in the store at 99c each and she would sell them to me for 20c each, I thanked her and got them all. How I use them is by cutting them to size and sewing them together to make the right size cord. 1 pair of shoelaces makes 1 cord with some left over.
Also in the 20c box were these mending patches. Perfect for using on the laundry bags for initials. I hope it gives you some ideas.