Sunday, March 1, 2015

Aussie Heo Quilt Continued.

This is the Aussie Hero quilt so far. Totally scrappy and blue and white. The trick here is to make it longer and wider than needed then trim to the correct size afterwards. A really lovely thing happened yesterday when I was in Spotlight South Morang, a lady came up to me to ask about quilting stuff and we got chatting. 4 years ago when we had the big bush fires here in Melbourne I answered a call out for crafting supplies for those who had lost everything and I donated a car full of boxes of stuff including sewing machines, scissors, knitting kits etc. Well this lady was a recipient of some of my things. How amazing is that! I told her all about Aussie Heroes, about how it started and what we can do to help. She is going to look it up and share it with their sewing group. Lovely Stuff!
I also went to a garage sale to look for doona covers for the laundry bags and when I told her what I was going to do with them she donated a set. A lovely thing indeed. I take my album of what I have made this year with me everywhere along with the card so that they can take down the details for themselves. You never know who you are going to bump into.


  1. Love the quilt, Sue.
    And how wonderful that you had a What Comes Around Goes Around moment with the recipient of one of your care bundles. Bless!!!! :)

  2. Nice story, Sue. It is true that you never know who and when you will meet someone who is special from the past, or will be in the future. I haven't forgotten that you have a bag of goodies for me over there, but the hairdresser had to come to our place again this month, for various reasons, but I hope we will be at her place again about mid April. I'll let you know! I've been looking at my stash, and have a large piece of quilting fabric that would be perfect for an Aussie Hero (cars) and I know I'll never use it, so I'll bring it over for you.