Monday, January 19, 2015

Aussie Hero Quilts.

I bought this T Towel to be included in a laundry bag.

This T Shirt will be cut up and have the back interfaced for stability. This was bought from Woolworths reduced from $10 to $3.50, The only reason I can think of is the packaging had been opened.

Quilt 1 I am working on is for a V8 Supercars, Dick Johnson Racing, Ford and red white and blue request. I drew my own logos with fabric markers. They will be turned into blocks.
Quilt 2 I am working on is for a request for Disney Cars and Planes. Colour request is for orange and blue.


  1. Love the tea towel Sue, I'll have to keep an eye out after this Australia Day. The logo blocks look great....

  2. love your drawings Sue.. I'm crap at art. Failed stick figures. Thank goodness for light boxes.