Sunday, November 30, 2014

Charity Makes for 2014.

Yearly count on the charity makes for 1014.
 82 laundry bags, 40 quilts, 64 items for the Angels for the Forgotten charity, including hand made gift bags of colouring books, rulers, sharpeners, crayons, pencils and 40 drawstring bags. 36 Super hero capes and accessories and half  a dozen soft plush toys. I am very happy with what I have achieved this year. On top of that I have made for myself and for gifts 100 Christmas tree decorations, 50 Christmas tree decoration kits, 50 pin cushions to give to the people who serve me in Spotlight and Savers. Also I have re covered 4 swivel chairs and made a quilting table.
I am very happy with what I have achieved this year.


  1. Brilliant, you have achieved SO much, well done

  2. WOW 40 quilts in one year plus everything else, that is so wonderful Sue, lucky you have the time.

  3. "Happy" must be the understatement of the year! I would be buying myself a gold medal - lol! Congratulations, well done. Somebody should tell our local paper about what you do. We need some good news stories in the papers instead of all the political/terrorism crap.
    Have a lovely Christmas - you deserve it :-)

  4. You should be super proud of yourself!! Well done such a fantastic effort!