Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Project.

 Remember my chair that I bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago? This is Meggie sitting on the back, headrest just before I took the chair apart.
 This is the fabric selections I am using to recover the chair with. 100% Australian wool blankets and woolen fabric all from Savers. The total cost of the chair re make is $20.
 Tilli helping me with the fabric placements.
 Using the original covers for the patterns.
 Ready to cut.
 Cut out and pinned ready to sew.
 I have used the silk blanket edging to re cover the top piping.
 This is the sides of the chair, back view.
 Front of the chair sides. I will hand sew this on and then add the decorations after. They will have blanket stitch all around using wools from Savers too.
 This is the seat and head rest stapled and ready to sew.
This is the seat part. Ever since I did the chairs for the school I have always wanted to make one for myself. This can only go one of 2 ways, totally cool or really really ugly! either way it will be my own.


  1. Tilli is extra helpful!
    I think you are brave to take it on and Iook forward to seeing what it looks like finished.
    We have a couple of couches that have been used as scratching posts by cats. We should get off our butts and reupholster. But, I'm scared!

  2. I think I'd just go and buy a new chair - lol! I'm too lazy to go to all that effort. Do you use calico to make laundry bags for Aussie Heroes? Jan Mac said on her blog that they need calico, and I was going to send a pile of mine up to her but if you can use it, I may as well just drop it off to you.