Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aussie Hero Quilt In Progress.

This is the next quilt I am working on. A request for tea, cats, floral, red and cream. I have prepared 8 blocks that I will quilt in between the patterns and each centre has a different applique on them. They will then be assembled as a quilt as you go method. on the left is the backing and will also be the binding, a cheaters panel. The cats and teapot fabrics were from Spotlight, the red and cheaters panel were donated fabrics.
This is the link to the tutorials.


  1. Those blocks are awesome Sue.

  2. They sure are! And so is Puss sitting on top of the sewing machine! Did you put her there? (LOL, I'm kidding. Sort of...I doubt if our cats would do that. Not in my presence anyway)

  3. Tilli is the ultimate supervisor! Vikki sits behind the machine and helps the fabric through, if you let her. Such a pest! But good company.

  4. Hmmm maybe I should've read this post first before I left my suggestion about joining the idea won't work with qayg lol Sorry hun xx