Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quilting, Shopping And Makes.

 I have changed how I am going to make the quilt, I will be using a block from the previous post, making some appliques, doing some stenciling with stitches
 Using the colours in the backs too. Look at this lovely fabric I bought from Spotlight! Perfect all coffee. I am very excited about the netball fabric I have been promised to add to this quilt too.
 The eyes came from a purchase from ebay to go with the noses I bought from the same place last year when they were on special. (400 pairs for $35). Now I am ready to make toys too.
Last but not least, This is what I bought from the Craft show yesterday, Wool felt from Ric-Rac, (I had my hug from Jodie!) I gave a gift of a vintage sheet to the Crafty Squirrel too, I bought this book from this place,  I have made the knitted dress and beret from the book already last night. I am looking forward to making toys very very soon.
I had a very wonderful day yesterday.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful time

  2. You don't waste time, Sue! I'm sure all your followers will enjoy your toy making adventures. I know I will.

  3. I posted it to you tonight at Eltham post office, about 10 pm! It may not get to you on Wednesday, but should be there on Thursday. Fingers crossed!