Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aussie Heroes Quilt Top And Birthday Present.

 This is the fabric I will be using for the Aussie Hero quilt I am making at the moment. The backing is the blue and the orange is for the binding.
 This is the quilt top so far. The blocks are from Aussie Heroes that were sent in and then sent to me to be squared up and assembled and turned into a quilt. The rest of the fabric is from my stash.
This is what my darling husband has bought for me for my birthday, a wonderful quilters sewing machine, Janome DC6030 I am so very very happy!
I am so looking forward to finding out the features that it has.
All the details on this wonderful machine can be found here.


  1. Happy Birthday Sue! What a wonderful gift. :) If your birthday is 16 April, then we do have more than one or three things in common! :)

  2. Happy Birthday from me too - are we birthday twins (15th), or are you and Robyn birthday twins (16th). Either way, we are all pretty close! What a great gift from your hubby. At least you have enough room to use it! Now I know where to come if I want something quilted that my own Janome can't handle. You'd better work out some prices to charge people - LOL!

    1. Happy belated birthday Gina! I hope you had a good one as well. :)

  3. WOW certainly a great Birthday pressie, I'm sure you'll make good use of it Sue.