Thursday, March 20, 2014

Savers Chair.

 I bought another adjustable swivel chair for my sewing room, $5 from Savers.
 I cannot replace the covers as they are molded on
so I have done the next best thing and dismantled it and cleaned it with carpet shampoo. Keeping my eye out for 2 more chairs like this so that my adult Crafternooners can be comfortable.


  1. Can you make slip on covers with elastic edges??

  2. Oh Sue, I wish I'd known you needed these chairs! I recently threw my old one out - well, I was going to, but my home care lady said she could use it, so I gave it to her. It was still in good nick, I just had a better one given to me.

  3. Good luck in chair hunting. I'm sure something will come along.