Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Link On My Side Bar.

I have added a new link to my side bar. Dress a Girl Around the World Australia. this is the link.
Unfortunately I don't know how to add more links, I just had to over write a link I had previously. PNG quilts.
As for the latest sewing, Still practicing my quilting blocks at the moment, it is taking longer than I thought to get them right! Looking forward to actually turning them into projects. Have a lovely day.


  1. I followed the new link and really enjoyed reading about their work

  2. A very worthwhile do you sew for this group too?

  3. Hi Sue. The secret to piecing is careful cutting. That's why the rotary cutter and rulers are such a godsend. And also an accurate 1/4 inch seam. You can fudge lots of things with square, single fabric blocks, but once you start playing with points, like triangles, that 1/4 inch is so important. Lots of tutorials on the interwebs to help, but the first thing I would do, is make sure my machine is making a 1/4 inch. If you are using a piecing foot, this makes it easy, but then you may also have to make adjustments on the needle position of your machine.
    What I did was got a piece of light coloured fabric that I had cut into squares, very carefully with a very fine marker pen, ruled a 1/4 inch line on one of the blocks. I then put that under the needle, after I had lengthened the stitch and sewed. If the needle comes down to the left, you might need to adjust to the right, and vice versa. Modern, expensive electronic machines can be adjusted far more finely than older or less expensive machines, or those with less features, but you can get closer. I had a smicky new machine that I had to adjust the needle position to get my 1/4 inch. So I remembered it, I wrote it down in the machine's manual.
    But the most important thing of all is to keep doing and not be discouraged. Remember what my quilter says : if you can't see it when you go past it at 60 miles an hour on your horse, it's not a problem.