Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitties, Sewing and Shopping.

 This is Tilli after I got the fabric ready to cut. after a cuddle and a big fuss she was happy and after going outside for a little while,
 This is the kitties now.
 I sewed up one kitty, I have 3 others cut out ready to sew.
 I realized I was down to my last bit of stuffing so I took a walk to Savers to look for some pillows.
 They had 3, $2 each so I bought them all. (They are all white, it is just my shadow in the way).
Not on the list for the day, but useful so I bought it, a roll of iron on interfacing, also $2, not sure how much that would be normally but I know I would be using it.
Time for lunch now after that exercise, then I will fill up my stuffing bag and then get back to sewing.


  1. Love your kitties, furry and fabric ... great sleeping arrangment :)

  2. You got an absolute bargain with both the pillows and the interfacing.
    I have kitty helpers as well. And sometimes one has to give a bit of reassurance as well as encouragement to Go Away. Vikki loves to sit behind the sewing machine and watch things come out from one side to the other. Chrissy likes to be in the room but is not really interested unless it is fluffy and soft, or a near completed quilt. I've often had to share a quilt as I've stitched down the binding. I tell the recipient that it is a pre-approved quilt. Because I make for family, there are no objections.