Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just Outside My Sewing Room Door.

I just thought I might share something I have not posted before. There is a little place between my sewing room door and my sons bedroom door I use this as my space for my charity stuff that is made before they go to the various places. Under it is a large box of my sons costumes that we have made, that stays there. We have to go into our rooms sideways. From the hall way you cannot see it. From the top, capes, then comfort blankets, then draw string bags, then softies and in the fabric bag are more draw string bags. These will be going to the Angels for the Forgotten Charity in February. A wonderful lady in our cloth doll club collects them on our behalf which is one of the reasons why I have chosen this as one of my charities and I know they will get to where they are needed. The Christmas stuff that I have made for this year is in the caravan in the back yard.  Aussie Hero Stuff does not get stored, they go out as soon as they are done. Where do you store your stuff?


  1. I'm lucky enough to have the family room for my crafting, but at the moment it is looking like a fabric and stuff bomb has gone off. I don't have any more storage, so it is really untidy.
    Sometime soon, we will get to complete the room within our "outdoor" entertaining area. Here, everyone encloses them because we have more cool weather than warm. We built a room in ours and it is a lovely size, so I shall be moving the craft stuff out there. I'll need some additional shelving so I don't end up with what I have at the moment.
    We are then going to turn the family room into our real living room and save the big lounge for our "nice room".
    I did start in one of the spare bedrooms, but then it got out of control .. ..

  2. LIke you, I've got an exclusive craft room to myself with my books, sewing machine, and stash of fabrics etc. But I'm extra lucky because I also have the bedroom next to my craft room (which was also a bedroom) for my vintage linen collection, and I use that room to store the quilts that are given to me for the PNG Quilt Collective. There were 73 of them piled up on the spare bed until they got shipped out last month.