Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Trees and Teddy.

 Sorting out the bits for the Christmas Tree, Tilli having fun in the boxes. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.
 The tree is up! Can you see Meggie?
Look at this lovely teddy.

 I moved him here so that I can see him. After giving presents to the staff in Spotlight and as I was about to leave, One of the lovely staff members called me back and gave me this really lovely teddy. How wonderful and totally unexpected. I thanked them as said I will enjoy him for a few days and get some picture with him and I will then put him under the K Mart Wishing Tree for some child to cherish. (he is so soft and cuddly).
This is the dining room table.
I have also put a wreath on the front door, but that is a picture for another day.


  1. He he! Your beautiful cats are enjoying the Christmas preparations, I see! That is a beautiful teddy that the Spotlight staff gave you and will be a much loved toy of the eventual recipient.

  2. I love how anything new must be investigated. It looks like Tilli is very thorough and had a great time. Meggie is obviously a bit more restrained. My Fae was like that. Such quiet dignity. :)
    How nice the Spotlight girls gifted the bear. I hope he finds a loving home.