Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Decorations.

 More Christmas baubles made. All 4 ply yarn and Styrofoam ball. Knitted in the round.
 This is a piece of fabric that I love, Hand dyed velvet, simply scrumptious! I bought a piece from Spotlight the other day, enough to make some headbands and cover a large Styrofoam ball and I will be adding this delicious trim from Crafty Hijinks to it too.
Op shopping. All this lot for $20. The top row are elastic belts with hundreds of individual metal sewn on teeth like embellishments. I will be carefully using a seam ripper to disassemble them into their individual parts so that it all can be used in costuming.
The middle row are the cutest little glass ornaments, these will be the centre of some Christmas tree ornaments more on that later.
and lastly but not least, more 4 ply yarn. A lovely time yesterday.


  1. Busy girl as always Sue! Great buys from the Op shop.

  2. Love the Christmas decorations. If your two girls are anything like my three, they will have 'tested' them for you by now!
    I love the velvet. I bought some from spotty as well last week. I have plans to make a top of some description out of it.
    Your op shop certainly stocks some good stuff! Well done to you. Nice shopping.

  3. Love those Christmas baubles, Sue;a very clever idea! I look forward to seeing what clever things that you make with that gorgeous velvet :-). And that is a very nice 'haul' from the op shop too! Lol

  4. Did we have a life before opshops?? You sure make the most of Savers over there! Guess what - I've make three of those shoulder bags now! Everyone loves 'em. Great Chrissy gifts!

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