Thursday, October 31, 2013

Playing With Paper.

 Today I have been playing with paper. Making ornaments for Christmas. Just using a regular sheet of paper, some paper fasteners and a ruler and a hole punch. This particular ball has 8 strips but you can decide what you need for the ball. The band that goes around the middle has 16 holes, each strip goes around in a circle.
 this is the bottom of the ball. using the middle holes line up the strips and hold in place with the paper fastener. Using another fastener put the top and bottom holes together to make the rings.
 Almost there, Now using your 16 holed piece of paper place it around the ball fastening as you go. Add a loop to the top and you are done.
Finnish Star using this video tutorial.


  1. That is brilliant, Sue! Love the pin cushion below as well. And thanks for the link to Defence Force Christmas post.

  2. Do you ever sleep? lol Great job the could make them in other colours too hey? Oooh and with christmas wrapping paper too! Hugs Naomi

  3. Yeah true its playing with paper only nice creativity done how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

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