Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crafty Hijinks

Crafty Hijinks at Brown Hill Hall in Ballarat was So Much Fun! Organised by Jodie Carleton and Gillian supported by so many people, 20 contributors and 50 something bloggers it was the most fantastic day, a beautiful spread of sandwiches and cakes, tea, coffee and soft drink all day and a visit to the shop that was opened just for us at the end, The Crafty Squirrel
I was given a lift there by Christine and Melody 
One of the fun activities is that you had a lucky number on the back of your name tag, a prize was shown then a number drawn. This lovely bag pattern is what I got.
Is this just the cutest thing? We were all able to chat with each other very well, Some I knew by their blogs already and many more I now know to check out. I will show you the fabric I got tomorrow when the lighting is better in my sewing room. It was well worth the wait and did I not say already I had simply the best time? I will be on a high for a long time about this.
If they have the event again I will be really happy to go. They were well thrilled by my contributions too.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your visit to our village. The weather was almost nice - cool and not raining! I hope you got some stuff from Ballarat Patchwork. Emma's shop is emptying out pretty fast! She will only be open another two weeks and then, sadly, no more. Her new incarnation will be interesting. I had a sneak peek of her first fabric range and it really is different to what I thought it might be.
    It would have been a great weekend. Jodie is such a card. And, Morgan's fantastic little shop, Crafty Squirrel is just awesome. :)

  2. So great to catch up again Sue, thanks so much for your contributions to our goody bags. maybe we will have to do it all again next year.