Friday, September 13, 2013

Costume Finished.

 5.30am Mark is getting ready for Tough Mudder. Kilt and wig and headwear ready made, belt and shirt from Savers, Sword from Ebay.
 hand made are the vest, sword holder and armbands.
 So many fiddly bits and this is the best that the costume will look, it will be in ruins by the end of the day as he will be going through mud and such and climbing walls etc.
 heaps and heaps of studs used.
 Dining room aftermath!
 Arm close up.
 Chest close up.
belt close up.
As usual, we managed to get it done in time. All he needs is the socks which are at his mates house. There are 5 people in kilts from their dojo. I am looking forward to seeing them in pictures. All the best guys!


  1. He looks great - you have done well mum!! All to be an absolute mess when he finishes!!

  2. He will be the best dressed Mudder in the field, even when it is hidden under a layer of grime.
    Great job. :)
    And kudos for getting out of bed to take 5.30a.m. photos. If he was one of mine, he would have been on his own. ;)