Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday's Treasures

 My friend Melody is playing a game called Tuesday's Treasures. This is mine. A hat box. This was what a gift was given to me in and I use it every day, currently I am making cord for Aussie Heroes laundry bags. It stops the ball of fabric yarn from going all over the place. I also use it for when I am knitting too. Very useful.
Making them into sets of 4 which is how I parcel my bags when I have made them. This way I can see right away how many I have ready to use.
You should play too!


  1. I so love hat boxes. Yours is beautiful. I love the Paris theme. Great job with the cords.

  2. A great treasure. Both practical and beautiful.

  3. Ok, I'm intrigued, how do you make the cord, and where can I get one of the gadgets you use to make it with please? It looks like you're recycling some kind of fabric and I love to re-use/recycle when I can :o)