Monday, August 19, 2013

Makes and Shopping.

 Tilli happily watching me work in the sewing room today.
Having just recently made some fingerless gloves for a friend using wool instead of acrylic yarn I decided it was time for me to have a proper wool pair too. This is a different style to what I have done previously, made it up on the fly so to speak. I have made notes so I can do them again and will write them up as a pattern to share if people are interested I will post it. For this pair I have used four 4mm double pointed needles, knitted in the round and feltable wool 50 gram ball. Sorry, I do not know the brand I did not have the label on it.

The fabric underneath was bought from Spotlight. They have yesterday and today 30% off and with $20 in my pocket i thought i would try and see what I could get.
Success! I found this fabric duck cotton for $2 a metre so I bought the lot. 11.5 metres for $16 A perfect weight for the laundry bags. Needless to say this will be lining!


  1. Good shopping! I love a bargain.
    Yes please re the fingerless gloves pattern!
    I know that Spotty has some felting wool in their selection.
    I love Tilly's bed. Mine prefer to sit where they want to, which is everywhere. If I am finishing a quilt, that usually means on it as I go. Most quilts go to their new home pre-tested! :)