Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aussie Hero Laundry Bags.

 I have made today 8 laundry bags.
 All boxed up ready to post.
Fantastic Art Cards. I am always thinking whenever I go to Savers to see what I can get for the Aussie Hero laundry bag inclusions. I came across these wonderful Museum Art Postcards. 7 packets of 16 cards. All sealed packs that I have opened up, taken out any religious and nudes that left me with 90 cards that I can add to their gift packs. Not bad for $3.


  1. Fabulous bags and a brilliant buy

  2. You took the nude cards out?? But the Aussie soldiers would probably like them best of all - lol! I looked your address up in the Melways today, and discovered you are only a few minutes drive (guessing) from my hairdresser, who lives off Prince of Wales Avenue. I would pop and and see you on the way home when I go there every six weeks, but I'm not on my own, so it is a bit hard when there is someone else to consider. I have a disabled friend who I take with me and we have our hair done together. She has another commitment when we get home, so I can't really delay her by stopping off at your place:-(
    So I will make a special trip some day soon!!

  3. Me again - I've got a better idea - why don't we meet at Savers? I rarely get to the shop over your way, and it is a beauty!