Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crafty Hijinks.

Crafty Hijinks
On the 15th September at the Brown Hill Hall is an event. Jodie Carleton of Ric-Rac has all the info on her blog. It is going to be very low-key but lots of fun. Its a day just for hanging out, chatting, laughing and crafting. Its early days, but we have a local shop setting up a stall for the day, some door prizes and plans for goody bags. You don’t have to be cool or groovy or particular friends with anyone – You just need to be a blogger-its that simple. Come in a group or come along on your own. You will need to buy a ticket for $21.50. Want to know more? then click on the Crafty Hijinks link to know more!


  1. Hi Sue, do you want to go? I could give you a lift.

  2. Hi Sue, I had a look at the link, and seeing I might know some people (you and Mel!) I'd love to go! I'll have to check with the MOTH first to see if he has anything planned for a Sunday that he hasn't told me about. But since he's retired, we don't have to 'save up' the weekend any more to spend time together - we've got all week now! So I don't think he will object to me disappearing on a Sunday.

  3. Thanks Sue so much for spreading the Crafty Hijinks word. Looking forward to meeting you!