Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cards Wanted.

Hi, Remember this bargain I bought back in April? These cards I bought at a market for 15c each and I have almost run out. Each of the laundry bags I make get a card each. I don't need envelopes. Anyone out there know where I can get blank /plain masculine cards in bulk?


  1. I'll keep a lookout for some.

  2. Hi Sue
    I'd try the markets again - especially for cards that inexpensive. I think whatever you find in any of the discount shops are unlikely to be as cheap in price as these. However, I'd give the discount chains with all the parallel imports a go and then there is the little store in the corner of every mall that is staffed by a cheerful Chinese lady - these shops just seem to pop up everywhere and sell all manner of giftware.
    Good luck.