Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Glasses and Charity Makes.

 My life is So Much Better, now that I can see properly. These are my new glasses. Just a timely reminder to all my friends to do go and have an eye check every now and then.
This is what I have been making this week. Reels and reels of bias binding, I have prepared the fabric for 12 laundry bags, (fabric from Savers). and for something different, I have knitted and crocheted dolls hair for two gollies I will be making for a friend.

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  1. Love the glasses Sue, WOW you have been busy again with laundry bags and the bias binding. I have cut out one lot of bias binding but I find it very time consuming, firstly I use a ruler to mark it out and then cut it and then of course sewing it together. Do you have any hints for an easier way ? You seem to be an expert at it as you make so much of it.