Sunday, February 3, 2013

Colour Match Kitties and Sewing.

 Meggie on out bed. How cute!
 The pram had new covers that match the room. White fake sheep fur, Tilli Loves it!
 I have been busy the last couple of days, 18 laundry bags ready to sew.
 20 Trauma dolls stuffed, just need to ladder stitch the openings closed ready for the first Cloth Doll Club meeting next week.
I have been busy making bias binding for these dresses, sewed them on this morning, another 12 dresses ready to go. This afternoon I will be making more bias binding as I have now run out then tomorrow I will be finishing off the laundry bags. What are you making?


  1. Gosh, Sue. You've been busy! Love your cats. We scored our elder kitty from our youngest son when he and his partner were expecting baby number one. She decided the nursery must be for her and would make herself comfy in the cot, cradle, pram and on the change table. She's been with us since she was one and we love her to bits. A bit of a bed hog, though!
    I've been Hungry Caterpillaring for abovementioned son's fourth child who is a month old this week. The top is nearly finished, but it looks like it won't be done in time for the weekend as we have a lot on during this week which will keep me out of the sewing room (rats!) as well as out of the house.
    I love the projects you are involved in. Awesome.

  2. I love the look of the bias binding on the hems of the dresses Sue. I cut out 9 dresses last Wednesday and hoping to start sewing them this weekend (I work full time).