Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sewing Room Tips.

 As I am lucky to have my own sewing room I have sticky taped two tape measures to the edge of the table, one in centimeters and one in inches.
This tip is from my daughter in law and one that she uses in the classroom to keep her cords neat and tidy. They are bull dog clips and they keep the cords from getting tangled. I have my appliances in the power point and then clipped to the end of the table, sewing machine cord, Ironing cord, mini fan. I also have a non slip mat on the whole of my sewing table too.

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  1. good hints : here's another
    If you have a table that you use for putting your quilts together, and the depth of the table is 12mm (about the same as a melamine or mdf sheet), then bulldog clips as shown are great for doing your quilt layering. They hold everything nice and taut while you pin and/or baste. It isn't necessary to have all the quilt on the table, you just bulldog that which you can get and move it to do the other bits when you're done with the rest of it, nail it down with the bulldogs and go again.