Thursday, January 17, 2013

Opp Shopping.

 Savers in Mill Park has some lovely fabric today I could not pass up. (As with most op shops it can take a while to find what you like, sometimes you find stuff and sometimes not). I think this first one screams Laundry bags to me. This was a double quilt cover.
 Another double quilt cover, I am thinking girls dresses and bias binding but I think I might be cheeky and have the kitty panel to make for bags for myself.
 I adore the colours on this queen sized sheet, definitely girls dresses.
 This is a queen sized doona cover and I am thinking of quilt blocks for this one. I love the neutrals and the reds flowers won't be so obvious once it is cut up.
I love these! Reject shop bunting. Each flag measures 22cms by 30cms. and for $5 there is 20 in a pack, I will undo the white binding re-enforce and stabilize them with iron on interfacing and bias bind them to add to the front of the laundry bags.
I have had a good day shopping today and looking forward to more sewing.

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  1. You picked up some good stuff there Sue, I will have to do a bit of op shopping to see what I can find. Love the Aussie flags, what are they made of ?