Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Opp Shopping.

I have been away Kitty sitting for my son and his girlfriend Sunday, (baby sitting my Grand Kits if you like!) Monday night and all day Tuesday, and literally just around the corner 3 minutes walk away is a Brotherhood of St Laurence opp shop, so I had to take a look. This is what I found. Brand new pair of queen sized sheets $7 and these fabric remnants total cost of remnants $6. The sheets will be dresses and the remnants will be bias binding. 
I am going to do some serious sewing today as I have major sewing withdrawal from being away from my sewing room.
I will be sewing some of the laundry bags that I have cut out ready to go.


  1. What a great find and a great idea Sue...

  2. Oh Sue, I nearly had a panic attack when I saw the 1970s floral sheets! I used to live with a pair of those.
    One thing I will say, is the quality of the fabric is often so much more superior to what you get in the chain stores these days!
    Have a great sewing session.

  3. Have fun sewing. Love everything you have shown in your last few posts. I just couldn't get the verification codes right so I couldn't comment, but I have been enjoying reading them