Sunday, January 27, 2013

Non Sewing Day.

 This is Tilli, enjoying the sun in the family room.
 Meggie near the window also enjoying the sun.
 No sewing today, and half of yesterday, I spent it cleaning and re sorting. I admit, I am a hoarder, (recovering one). I used to buy fabric especially from op shops on the thought of  "That is nice, I am sure I can do something with that". Well now I know what direction I am going in with my sewing so it was long past time to sort out. Laundry bags, quilting blocks and girls dresses, with the odd project along the way is plenty of things for me to do. 4 boxes of fabric have gone to the school. 1 box of wool, 3 bags of stuff for Savers, 2 rubbish bags and this is now my space. The floor is clear and all the fabric I am keeping to use is now in the cupboard in the boxes that were on the floor. The only project out on the table is the one I am working on.
 One side of the door. I just need to label the boxes.
 The other side of the door.
 The clear space all around the table. A mat for a kitty to sit on.
This it Leila and Wiss, a real couple of cuties, My daughters kitties, Are they not just darlings? They are always so loving and cuddly, even when it is hot.


  1. Hi Sue, It must be the season for it. I had been doing a bit of stitchery stuff, so my sewing room had become a bit of a tip. With family and a visitor who had never been to our home, I was shamed into getting it cleaned up! It was such a joy to do. Although it was a serious three hours of hard yakka! I found all my stuff, put it in its rightful place and had a very respectable looking work area again. It was and still is bliss.
    I finished my stitchery projects and I was able to start a quilt top early last week, which is now almost at the point of piecing the blocks. Like you, I have a vow to only have one project at a time on the go, otherwise it all gets out of hand too quickly.
    So hats off to you and I love you have a place for your cats as well. Mine have a couple of options and I love their company when I sew.

  2. Nice mat for the kitties to sit on. Mine prefers in front of me - so I can't see what I am doing! He makes sewing or typing rather difficult.