Thursday, January 17, 2013

How I Work.

 I thought I might share with you today the method I like to work in. This works with all the charity stuff, dresses, laundry bags or soft toys.I like doing the same thing over and over in a crafting spell, this is my method for the laundry bags.
Day 1. I will cut and prepare the fabric and pair them up into inner and outer bags, they are then put into a bag and stores for the sewing day. I will also cut up the fabric casings for them and they are then put into a separate bag.
 Day 2 is sewing the inner and outer bags, they are then put into the same bags they came out of.
Day 3 is the finishing day. I will then sew the casing to the bags and fold them up. Because of the fabrics I am using I will end up with very similar bags so when I have 4 or 5 different bags (depending on the weight of the fabric some can have 4 and some can have 5 per package). I then ask for address to post them in.


  1. Great method you have Sue. I do a similar thing to other craft projects I make. I like to cut multiples of things and put them aside till I can get a sewing day. I will use the same method when I start to make the laundry bags and girls dresses.