Saturday, January 12, 2013

Handy Iron Mat.

Today when I was in my sewing room I thought of this, A quick and simple Iron Rest.
 On the Ironing board.
What I used is this. I had some foam backed fabric, added for the top layer an applique mat, (I am sure you could use a silicone mat) and some iron on interfacing, some fabric and elastic and a button.
Trace around your iron onto some interfacing, add about 2 inches to this and you have your pattern. Iron on the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric place that onto your layers in the following order. fabric, silicone mat or applique mat foam backed fabric with the foam on the bottom.
Pin the layers together, sew all around leaving an opening for turning. Trim it all, turn it right sides out. Now the sandwich should have the fabric on the bottom and the silicone or applique mat on the top. Where you have the opening pin in the elastic ends, You are making a giant loop (measure how much you need first to go around your ironing board). pin to hold and top stitch all around to help make it flat and close the elastic in at the same time. Sew a button to the top of your mat this will hold your elastic in place and it won't slip.

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