Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kids Crafty Club Saturday

Having drawn their little miss onto the back of the vlyiesofix using a thick texta that was ironed onto the back of the black plush pile fabric, they are cutting them out slightly wider than the lines.

 The backing of the vliesofix has been taken off and the colours of the little miss characters have been added and the outlines are ironed on. Pins are left in place on the pieces that do not have the iron on stuff. They were then sewn into place and cut out.
The two girls had a great time.

The plan is for each of the projects to make at least 2 of each one and one is for them to keep and the other to be put into a Gift Box so that they have ready made gifts for birthdays and Christmas for best friends and family.  
They are looking forward to next month. I cannot wait!