Friday, February 24, 2012

Tilli, Meg and New Sewing Room.

Not much happening in the way of sewing this week, for a good reason! I have been busy de hording my caravan and getting ready to have my own sewing room. This is Tilli last night, the bed was dismantled and moved from the bedroom into the hall and family room. Tilli loves to be up high, watching us from above on the mattress in the hall.
Meggie being a ground dweller true to form always looks for new chin rests. 3 rooms were moved around last night and today, now in bedroom 1 is the bed from bedroom 2, bedroom 2 is now my sewing room, and bed from bedroom 1 is now in bedroom 3. We finished bedrooms 1 and 3 last night at 3am.
and I started on bedroom 2, now my sewing room at 8am and finished about 4pm. I still have to tidy it up and vacuum but at least it is all in there now.
I do have a new project in the works, A chair make over for the school library, We have yet to find the chair that is going to have a revamp, but watch this space! I am very excited about it.


  1. It makes me tired just thinking about moving all that stuff around! Well done!

  2. This is a dream come true for me, My own space! Still have a lot to do, sorting out etc.