Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

One of my kids offered to take me out today, Savers and Spotlight was the agenda, two of my favourite places to go so of course I said "Yes Please!" So we went to Savers first. Just look at this quilt kit, partially done that I got from Savers in Mill Park today, a gift from one of my kids. I have no excuses Not to make a quilt like, "How do i choose the colours?" (my favourite excuse!) It cost $40 well worth it. I won't be rushing into it though! I want to just look at all the fabric assortment first. Yummy. We did not make it to Spotlight after that, I just wanted to go home and look at it. I had a lovely call from my daughter today too. So Happy Mother's Day to you all. Hope you have a fun day.

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