Monday, December 13, 2010

Tree Is Up

This is what i am working on this morning, Christmas Coasters for my son and his girlfriend who came by yesterday to put up our tree and hang the wreath on the door. We are invited to a Christmas Lunch at their place with Renees family too, I thought these will make nice little keepsakes.
On the Door.
The Tree at night,
Love how the colours change and pop.


  1. Beautiful!
    Christmas is MAGICAL!
    What do your pussycats do when there are such tempting thing shining on the tree?

  2. Oh how pretty I just love the coasters and it gav eme an idea to make some for a party we are going to on Sunday for the hostess.... love the fabric you choose too... I just love decorating for Christmas... :)DaCraftyLady Debb