Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am Back!

I am Back from my holiday in England. I had a most wonderful time and will be posting some pictures and memories of my time there. First though i am posting pictures of some of the things i had made in the time past.
This is the chess set i made for my sister Helen for their wedding 5 years ago. The box is plywood covered in fabric and the figures are weighted down with plastic pellets.
The box up turned is then the board.
I based the faces on playing cards.
This is the box closed. The board then becomes the top and the bottom of the box. It has a brass closure.


  1. This chess set is one of my most treasured things. What a lovely, talented sister!
    Missing you XxxX

  2. Oh dear, Sue - I still seem to be logged on as you! That was meant to say 'Helen Hardwick said" !