Monday, August 2, 2010

Going to England

Not long now, before i go to England. Doing a count down now! I am going to England to see my niece get married! I will be going for 1 month and leaving on the 19th of this month. I will be staying in several places, my mums, my brothers, my dads place. to name but a few, and Shopping! fabric or stores i need to know about, all in Kent or London, any ideas? I will be away for a month. Borough Green, Orpington, Dartford, 5 Oaks. One place i do know that i will visit, Just cos i love it is a place called Dungeness I love the rugged wildness of the place. I would also like to see some castles or old buildings, any ideas?


  1. I'm sure the London contingent of bloggers will help you out better, but you can't go far wrong with heading to the main entrance of Liberty's... on Great Marlborough Street just down from Oxford Circus, and (go in there later!) head down the street towards Noel Street and you will find the best fabric store I have ever been in.. Cloth House on Berwick Street (it'll be just across the road to your left), and then just round the corner on the left hand side of Noel Street itself is Kleins which is amazing for Haberdashery, and then almost opposite on the corner there is The Silk Society (not been in but looks amazing)... and then take your pick from the rest....

    Just a thought, if you are into coffee, you're on the edge of SOHO here, then head up Noel Street and take first right down Wardour Street onto Old Compton Street.. past the shops of ill repute to the opposite end and it's the coffee shop with a red awning... also does teas and coffee/tea equipment to die for!! Beats Harrods any day IMHO!

    I'm sure others can help you better.. will have a think about the castles and stuff in Kent, but it's not really my stamping ground as I'm up in York!

    Have fun x

  2. Bet your getting excited. :-)
    your going the wrong way try the South West :-)
    Have a really great time and a fabulous time at the wedding x x x

  3. Hi Sue, Have a wonderful time at your niece's wedding and in the UK...hope your suitcase isn't too full when you come back LOL
    Hugs, Sharon