Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Won and Shoes

Look at what i got in the post! this delightful Snowman, along with this very cute butterfly and plastic cup cake, filled with jelly beans (now eaten!) All the way from NY from D.Cannon.
I think he is simply delightful. I would like to write a thank you but i cannot find your blog so if you are reading this, let me know thanks!
I bought these red shoes to finish off the Red Queen outfit, Not bad for $10. The funny thing is i am not a shoe person and most of the time i am in bare feet, so to wear these in the challenge is funny in itself.


  1. I love the snowman!!! Very cute indeed.
    The red shoes go perfect with your outfit for this Saturday, and not last Saturday....(*cheeks turning slightly red)...my mistake!

  2. Great little gifts and love your Dorothy shoes!
    Hug - Lurline♥

  3. I love the snowman! Congratulations on your win and also congratulations on your shoe score! That was very lucky indeed!