Friday, March 5, 2010

Red Queen Dress Up

For the Mad Hatters Party on Saturday i have decided to go as the Red Queen. First i made a heart template out of cardboard then i cut out heaps and heaps of red hearts to sew on a dress.
This is a long Indian cotton dress, that i have not worn before, it is a silver grey colour, not really what i wanted but will be perfect for this challenge. All the hearts have been pinned on, now all i have to do is applique them onto the dress.I have arranged the hearts in a pleasing pattern down the front and all around the hem of the dress. I will be adding them to the ends of the sleeves too.
This is my crown. It took me just ten minutes to make. Two different sized packs of playing cardsjust the heart numbers used, and bias binding and staples.
First i measured my head using the bias binding. Then i took the cards and mixed them up, stapled them on randomly in a fan shape to get the curve to fan outwards. I them stapeled the tops together to stablize them. It fits perfectly. I will be wearing my hair up inside the crown for this day.

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  1. Boy! What a quick costume! Your imagination must be running at full speed!